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Imagine your front lawn has turned into the jungle. You’ve procrastinated mowing until the weeds are almost at your knees. Your poor dog can barely see where they’re going through the grass. 

You trudge into the backyard, keys in hand, ready to tackle anything with your faithful lawn mower. Then, when you turn the key – nothing. Your battery is dead. 

Do you accept your fate and let nature reclaim your front lawn? Of course not. 

Of course, it’s not just lawn mower batteries that need replacing regularly. Sometimes, your golf cart gives out on you just as you’re ready to head to the green. If you’ve noticed the time between charges is growing shorter and shorter, it’s probably a good indication that your battery’s life is at an end.

That’s where the knowledgeable staff at Statesboro Golf Carts can help. Beyond our wide-range of golf carts, we also carry a variety of different batteries and accessories for your mower, golf cart, and vehicle. Let our experienced staff help you find exactly what you need.

Top Quality Golf Cart and Lawn Mower Batteries for Sale

SGC has worked hard to earn a reputation for selling the highest quality golf carts and lawn mowers, and we hold that same standard for the batteries we stock. We stand behind our products and our work because we carry products that set industry standards. When you come into SGC, you’ll know you’re leaving with a battery vetted by professionals who know what it’s like for a weekend warrior striving for the best. 

Tough situations need tough solutions. With our range of Trojan and Optima batteries, you’ll have the solution to every tough situation that comes your way, whether you’re in it for the thrill or just because you’re tired of having to trudge through a jungle just to get to your car.

Trojan Batteries

Going strong since 1925, Trojan lithium-ion batteries are as durable as their brand. One of the lead innovators in deep cycle batteries, Trojan battery company is dedicated to providing reliable and high-quality products. Their batteries come in a range of varieties such as deep-cycle flooded, AGM, Gel, and lithium batteries. They are manufactured to have a longer life between charges, so that you can keep going without being tied to your charger.

They test their batteries to BCI and IEC standards to ensure that when you receive your Trojan battery, you’ll be in good hands. With a two-year warranty, if the worst case scenario should come to pass, you’ll be able to get a replacement with ease.

Optima Batteries

Innovation is one of Optima’s core focuses. Their most famous products are their maintenance-free lead acid battery and their high-performance AGM battery. They know that to stay at the top, you have to think smart. 

Optima understands the impossible is only one impressive feat of engineering away from becoming possible. With a distinctive Optima Six Pack™shape, you won’t have any trouble finding a tractor battery to fit your needs. 

The unique design that differentiates it from flooded lead acid batteries comes from the spiral plates, which encase a gel-like substance in a sponge. As there’s no liquid like in standard flood batteries, it prevents corrosion-causing leakage. For those looking for a power source that’ll last between long periods of no-use, this is a great option given it won’t discharge like other batteries. 

SGC is glad to help you figure out which of Optima’s redtop, yellowtop, or bluetop batteries offer the best solution for your car, golf cart, or mower.

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SGC has a wide range of batteries to meet a variety of needs. Whether you’re driving down dirt roads or through golf courses or tackling a jungle that used to be a job, we’re here to help you out. 

We also have batteries for other vehicles in the shop. If we don’t have what you need, we can easily order it and have it for you in no time. Call us today or swing by our Statesboro location for more information or help finding which battery you’ll need.

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